afters Brit. colloq. the course following the main course of a meal.

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  • afters — ► PLURAL NOUN Brit. informal ▪ the dessert course of a meal …   English terms dictionary

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  • afters — /ˈaftəz/ (say ahftuhz) Colloquial –plural noun 1. dessert: what did you have for afters? 2. afternoon tea. 3. after school care. –phrase 4. for afters, as a follow up activity: to go to a movie and then to a friend s place for afters …  

  • afters — noun a) dessert What are we having for afters, Mum? I really want ice cream... b) The festivities held after a wedding meal. To keep costs down at our wedding, we only had family at the banquet, but invited all our friends to the afters …   Wiktionary

  • afters — n British a drinking session in a pub after official closing time, lock in. The term is an abbreviation of after hours (drinking) . ► There s going to be afters on Friday night. ► Are you going to stay for afters? …   Contemporary slang

  • afters — UK [ˈɑːftə(r)z] / US [ˈæftərz] noun [plural] British informal the last part of a meal We had ice cream for afters …   English dictionary

  • afters — noun plural Date: circa 1909 British dessert …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • afters — Everyday English Slang in Ireland n dessert …   English dialects glossary

  • afters — af|ters [ˈa:ftəz US ˈæftərz] n [plural] BrE informal the part of a meal that comes after the main dish = ↑dessert …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • afters — n. (British slang) dessert; course that comes after the main meal …   English contemporary dictionary

  • afters — • short for the term after hours meaning drinking in a pub after official closing time. Also see lock in …   Londonisms dictionary

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